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Entirely hand-crafted by M Tallowin, the Peak is a minimal folding card-holder which brings together two contrasting Italian leathers; bridle and bubble. It is designed to comfortably accommodate ten cards as well as the occasional folded note. The Peak takes it's name from the summit-like shape formed when it is folded to a V.

This model is embossed, hand-cut, hand-bevelled and burnished over a period of many days. 244 stitch-holes are made first to allow the components to be carefully hand-stitched. 116 saddle stitches are formed in linen thread and completed with 16 whipped stitches, each one doubled. The Peak is then moulded to its final shape, conditioned with an oil/wax mix and set into the unique presentation case.

The Peak is personally guaranteed.

For a look behind the scenes at the construction of the Peak : Instagram

  • Italian bridle leather of the highest quality, naturally vegetable tanned.
  • Beeswaxed French linen thread; Au Chinois #632 noir.
  • Blind debossed logo.
  • Open: 15.1cm x 11.3cm x 4mm.
  • Folded : 7.5cm x 11.3cm x 8mm.
  • Complimentary shipping.

£280.00 to Order

Please write to mt@marktallowin.co.uk to express interest, or see here for details of the process. Alternatively, feel free to call directly on +44 (0)20 3397 7235.

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