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A bespoke pouch for Florian Gadsby

Florian Gadsby Bespoke Commission

Bespoke : A special project for Florian Gadsby

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This special pouch was created for the renowned potter Florian Gadsby.

Florian is what’s known as a studio potter : he works alone through the long process of turning raw material into refined objects. This commission relates to a set of tools which are put to use at an important point in this process. After the pot, bowl, mug or vase has been thrown and turned he embosses the clay of its base using these ‘makers marks’ - tiny porcelain blocks with his logo carved into one end.

Florian has described these as some of his most precious possessions - this pouch will protect them for many years to come.

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Tailored to fit

The stamps were carved in a variety of sizes, each to be used for a different scale of work. As such, the design includes a specific pocket for each stamp, matched to its exact dimensions. The pockets are stitched across to keep the stamp snug at the perfect position to allow the pouch to fold securely closed.

Florian Gadsby Ceramic Stamp.jpg
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The leather tags attached to each of the stamps are hand-braided using the same leather as the pouch itself, a beautiful goat-skin, both supple and hardwearing.


In the details

As with everything coming from the studio this pouch is completely hand-stitched. No sewing machines are used, just a pair of saddlers needles attached to lengths of French linen thread, rubbed with beeswax and pulled by hand.

Each of the 486 stitch-holes have to be individually cut before the stitching begins. The finished pouch has 397 hand-stitches in total at 8 stitches per inch including 79 doubled saddle-stitches to reinforce.

The outer, firmer leather is the Italian burnished bridle used for the handbags of the Core Collection. The more pliable leather on the inside is a tumbled and pressed goatskin. Both will age beautifully as the years go by.

Florian’s website
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For any questions about this project or if you would like to propose something yourself, feel free to write to bespoke@marktallowin.co.uk

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