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Edition 7 : Lindsay Sekulowicz

Edition Project 7 : Lindsay Sekulowicz

Edition 7 : Lindsay Sekulowicz


The seventh contribution to the Tallowin Edition Project is a series by Lindsay Sekulowicz, an artist originally from Scotland now based in London.  

Lindsay developed this set of cyanotypes - a series of twelve unique works -during her recent trip to Ethiopia. Each print represents a single plant species which has special significance to the area, agriculturally, economically or culturally. The plants were harvested from the Botanical Gardens of Addis Ababa University and dried in the autumn sun. These pressed samples were laid upon paper soaked in a solution which renders it photo-reactive. The light exposed the paper, turning it a rich cyan and leaving a ghostly image where the plants rested. The same sunlight nourished the growing plants and fixes their image permanently.

More information on her project can be seen here.

The Edition Project itself is an ongoing one : each season a new contributor is invited to create a fresh piece of work which is joins the archive and is presented in the space. Just four Editions are produced each year, each one released in sync with the astrological calendar; Solstice, Equinox, Solstice, Equinox.

  • 52.5cm x 40.5cm
  • cyanotype
  • Numbered edition of 12