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The Finest Handbags, Made by One Man


Personal Guarantee


Each item coming from my studio carries with it a personal guarantee. Simply put, I will be happy to restitch any components or replace any of the gold-plated hardware on any of my items, for life.

These pieces have been constructed in a way which prioritises reliability and longevity. So far, in over four years, I have only re-stitched one handbag - an early Kettlebell - and was very happy to do so. Importantly, because I insist upon hand-stitching every single line on all my items, any repairs can be made using exactly the same techniques which leave the item as good as new, just like a fine pair of hand-stitched shoes.

The slow pace at which I release new designs means I can thoroughly test new models until I'm sure they will work just as well in a few years time as when new. If I declare my willingness to look after my work for decades to come, I will do everything I can now to ensure a simple life in later years. 

This guarantee - apart from being something which I feel is important from an ethical standpoint - is also a challenge to myself. A challenge to push myself and to hone my craft. 

             Mark Tallowin