The Finest Handbags, Made by One Man

House - Where things are at Heyes Farm

In the House (See Batloft for other stuff)


Pattern box- small airline aluminium box
old extinct paper patterns
UK backup of small patterns

Blue Box - personal /general things
Grey wool trowsers to mend (*TO NYC)
Brown shoes to mend (*TO NYC)
Polariod (*TO NYC)
Inhalers - both
Matts seth godin books
2 x single use cameras black and white
4 hour work week (*TO NYC)
swiss army pen knife

Metal Box on Left
All Leather (*TO NYC)
Parchment - white and black (*TO NYC)

Metal Box towards centre
White A4 Envelope - Various old envelopes, tape, Scales (up to 7kg), stickers, some labels,
White box - Ribbon and Cotton cord, plus all equipment needed to attach , plus final close with nail varnish (missing nailclippers and lighter)
Box at base - 200 -250 raw Lotus, about 1/4 with cord, most without. All un-embossed.
In plastic covers - 38 black padded envelopes (empty but clean)
White Box - Various envelopes, cards (General/blank, wallet commission, bag commission)
Prepared - Only 19 ready to go Lotus/cord/card/ribbon/box/envelope complete packaging

To Sell - on shelf
One of all wallets besides the Lake
One Large one Small Scapular (may be missing the nets/inserts/glass bits)

Grey suitcase - Finished Projects
Best a4 port (no insert) (*TO NYC)
best a5 port (no insert) (*TO NYC)
Inkwell (completed before the final extended yoke to bend changes) (*TO NYC)?
Nightjar (NO STRAP) (completed before the final extended yoke to bend changes) (*TO NYC)
Tasslesash - crude
5 rough wallets for demo only, in bag - no presentation kit
Baluchon - my old one with riveted base (*TO NYC)
Old splitwedge
Old Flatiron
Penultimate pochette - not good enough to sell as centre is slightly out of line but good for showing etc / personal use (*TO NYC)
3 earlier versions of pochette -no good or of no use

Studio UK (to stay) - Aluminium suitcase

Knife sheath edgecoat and sheath thread
smaller Rulers, broken corner marble, Knives various hairdrier, no awls, scapular punches, PVA for fusing layers
linen thread black - 2 x 432 M, 1 x 632 , plus other colours
Some linen thread in standard label sizes, some needles, wax, araldite,
JApanise repair kit - Including linen sheet, one of each linen, wool dabber, sponge, tshirt material, leather wax/oil soft and hard, brass rolling pin, small glass dish, gold cloth, pva, artery clamp, bone/horn, emory cloth, sandpaper, tights, burnishing cloth, nailbrish, beeswax, small black plastic cutting board, { THINGS MISSING - better water sprayer, nailclippers, needle stash, better burnisher, nicer container for soft wax, hammer head/pressing clamp, unpicker, surgical scissors}

2 x tote bags with offcuts of bubble / plain leather

flat photo box of pattern paper + One long raw steel ruler,

Cutting Boards X2

Open box of studio things for NY, eventually
Thread, linen - 2 x black 432 M, 1 x white 432 M(used for Ali Asad) (*TO NYC), 4 x 632 F
pva for burnishing, oak knife rack (*TO NYC), full set of raw wallet patterns (plus pocket and kite shape pattern), full set of black raw wallet setting inserts, raw black pattern for lake x 2 plus kite (*TO NYC)- made for presentation, plus another couple of surplus pockets raw patterns. metal hammering anvil, square phone sized one, d10 etc dice, old superglue, antler horn knifes x 2 plus railroad knife, bulldog clips, red pattern tags , burnishing tshirt, scratched goggles, 3m emory pads lots,

Large black suitcase to the far right
Documents/letters from C, Negatives (bags and not) CDM artwork (*TO NYC) , my sewing box (*TO NYC), plus grans scissors etc

Check what exactly is here

Plastic Bag - of fabric
good bedding
Sheets, grans wool blanket (*TO NYC), other bed sheets, throws etc, possibly some clothes, pendleton blanket

Blue wool suit

Bedroom Eaves

2 x Feather Duvets
Raindeer Fur
2 x Eleanor’s huge wood platters
Chinati Print
All Editions so Far
Other artworks - but not Charlotte’s one
Iroko Table with screw-legs for Presentations

Other spots

My Alpaca Duvet - Not sure where (*TO NYC)
Ceramic Cloche for baking bread - In the kitchen larder.

Things delivered to me at Heyes Farm

Welsh Bakestone (*TO NYC)
Three Pastry Cutters - Steel Tala (*TO NYC)
Sixteen ol dPastry Cutters - tin Tala (*TO NYC)
two packs of stainless steel stars for tab attachment (*TO NYC)