The Finest Handbags, Made by One Man

Backup Dont Change - Where things are at Heyes Farm



kaymet jumbo sheets x 6
Adam’s printed photograph

Kaymet Trays and Mirror
Kaymet Mirror
2 x Large silver platters for wallet presentation, one used one pristine
Portfolio inserts, some small some large
Various rounded edge trays, from large to coaster-sized
Flat trays - many, from small to large
Brass kick plate

Plastic bag of Leather (non-bag related) plus best wool display cloth for label

Best books

Vitsoe Shelves x 2 (plus one bundle of uprights)
Vitsoe tables x 2

Grey (?) Army bag containing empty bags

Box of empty tobacco boxes

Box of cardboard boxes

Milking stool, three-legged
lower, flat bench style one

Plastic bag of all Tree Kit

Large Metal Chest
5 non-ribbed Black presentation boxes for Large Potfolio (shipping boxes missing)
A couple of smaller non-ribbed black boxes for A5 portfolio (with some, but not all shipping boxes)
9 Dustbags
7 Large embossed presentation boxes, plus 10 corresponding shipping boxes.
No smaller ones, but 3 smaller shipping boxes for missing small boxes. kraft paper hand-over carry bags
Some grey tissue paper

A - kitchen
Beahive pot, 4 glass hanging test-tubes, glass picture frame, ruh vase, honey pot

B Kitchen
Large Honey Pot, Lg diy bowl, diy mixing bowl (small than I’d hoped), Collapsed pot, beggers bowl (chipped)

c- kitchen
2 x Swedidh store containers, small japanise glass drinking present from client, Matt and SOphie glass, Other glass, vinegrate decanter, small diy pen pot, DIY mug, Pottery cup, Honey pot, honey pot

Huge chunk of timber for making a table
Smaller chunk of timber, roughly shoebox sized in cross-section but very long

Clear Kodak bag - Fabric
Moroccan Wool - white. red blue and black
Small amounts of thick black rough woven wool material
Last offcuts of Bulgarian suit material
Royal Blue wool
White bedsheet

Red Army Bag - Hanging
A few copies of publications including my work
Small chunks of Marble for display (to small for use)
Paster of Paris crystal forms
Robin’s handpainted Shop Open sign
Brass one-foot ruler rod as display item

Blue Army bag - hanging
All camping kit

Cardboard Box of Taxes / accounts / Files and diaries

Handtools - Loads of handtools, axes etc. Plus a few tech things but nothing important.

Spirit levels long x 2

White Tallowin cardboard box of all oils and waxes for candles / label

Box of Knifemking supplies / bits and bobs / nice materials etc

Box of a few grinding things - nothing related to the bags, just some extras (belts etc) for the grinder left in the garage

Large Suitcase

Florians Bowl
My DIY blue-tipped bowl
Swedish Blue Candle
Woven Asian Bowl
2 x Duralex Glasses
Funnel (Swedish enamel)
Long banneton
Small oak chopping board
Kaymet Tray for coffee
Nana’s cornet brandy snap formers
Small Le Crusett enamelled frying pan
Huskevarna enameled no-handle oven dish - small
Large pressed steel frying pan
Tin Lamp
Window washer
Swedish Candlestick
Dean Edmons Candle stick
Rectangular candlestick
Tri-candle candlestick

Bag of various pretty nice containers in bark, wood and metal

Sewing Machine

Kodak Bag - Kaymet

Also there - not necessarily mine

  • Nana’s brass jam pot

  • Large aluminium pot

  • Brass bed warmer

Bedroom Eaves

2 x Feather Duvets
Raindeer Fur
2 x Eleanor’s huge wood platters
Chinati Print
All Editions so Far
Other artworks - but not Charlotte’s one
Iroko Table with screw-legs for Presentations

Other spots

My Alpaca Duvet - Not sure where
Ceramic Cloche for baking bread. In the kitchen larder.


Pattern box- small airline aluminium box
old extinct paper patterns
UK backup of small patterns

Blue Box
Grey wool trowsers to mend
Brown shoes to mend
Inhalers - both
Matts seth godin books
2 x single use cameras black and white
4 hour work week
swiss army pen knife

flat photo box of pattern paper

Metal Box on Left
All Leather
Parchment - white and black

Metal Box towards centre
White A4 Envelope - Various old envelopes, tape, Scales (up to 7kg), stickers, some labels,
White box - Ribbon and Cotton cord, plus all equipment needed to attach , plus final close with nail varnish (missing nailclippers and lighter)
Box at base - 200 -250 raw Lotus, about 1/4 with cord, most without. All un-embossed.
In plastic covers - 38 black padded envelopes (empty but clean)
White Box - Various envelopes, cards (General/blank, wallet commission, bag commission)
Prepared - Only 19 ready to go Lotus/cord/card/ribbon/box/envelope complete packaging

To Sell
One of all wallets besides the Lake
One Large one Small Scapular (may be missing the nets/inserts/glass bits)

Finished Projects
Best a4 port (no insert)
best a5 port (no insert)
Inkwell (completed before the final extended yoke to bend changes)
Nightjar (NO STRAP) (completed before the final extended yoke to bend changes)
Tasslesash - crude
5 rough wallets for demo only, in bag - no presentation kit
Baluchon - my old one with riveted base
Old splitwedge
Old Flatiron
Penultimate pochette - not good enough to sell as centre is slightly out of line but good for showing etc / personal use
3 earlier versions of pochette -no good or of no use


2 x tote bags with offcuts of bubble / plain leather

Loads of beans for shooting bags
Knife sheath edgecoat and sheath thread

One long raw steel ruler, smaller Rulers, broken corner marble, Knives various hairdrier, no awls, scapular punches, PVA for fusing layers
linen thread black - 2 x 432 M, 1 x 632 , plus other colours
Cutting Boards X2
Some linen thread in standard label sizes, some needles, wax, araldite,
JApanise repair kit - Including linen sheet, one of each linen, wool dabber, sponge, tshirt material, leather wax/oil soft and hard, brass rolling pin, small glass dish, gold cloth, pva, artery clamp, bone/horn, emory cloth, sandpaper, tights, burnishing cloth, nailbrish, beeswax, small black plastic cutting board, { THINGS MISSING - better water sprayer, nailclippers, needle stash, better burnisher, nicer container for soft wax, hammer head/pressing clamp, unpicker, surgical scissors}

Open box of studio things for NY, eventually
Thread, linen - 2 x black 432 M, 1 x white 432 M(used for Ali Asad), 4 x 632 F
pva for burnishing, oak knife rack, full set of raw wallet patterns (plus pocket and kite shape pattern), full set of black raw wallet setting inserts, raw black pattern for lake x 2 plus kite - made for presentation, plus another couple of surplus pockets raw patterns. metal hammering anvil, square phone sized one, d10 etc dice, old superglue, antler horn knifes x 2 plus railroad knife, bulldog clips, red pattern tags, burnishing tshirt, scratched goggles, 3m emory pads lots,

Large black suitcase to the far right
Documents/letters from C, Negatives (bags and not) CDM artwork (check what exactly is here?), my sewing box, plus grans scissors

Plastic bag - good bedding
Sheets, grans wool blanket, other bed sheets, throws etc, possibly some clothes, pendleton blanket


Things delivered to me at Heyes Farm

Welsh Bakestone
Three Pastry Cutters - Steel Tala