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Black Friday : a gentle push-back

 Black Friday - some thoughts on the madness

Black friday : A gentle push-back.

Black Friday is soon upon us. This rather ominous name was coined in the US many years ago to describe the rush of eager buyers drawn back to the stores after the Thanksgiving break; a few days spent in gratitude being swiftly replaced by the tussle of commerce. 

This annual circus of 'flash sales' and 'deep discounts' is perhaps the most clear expression of the seemingly irresistible power of market forces. Everyone - myself included - loves a bargain and no-one should be blamed for embracing a deal, but I believe we should also consider the implications of this model in the longer term. Commercial endeavours should be supported wholeheartedly when they are beneficial to *all* parties involved.

A few considerations...

Firstly - What are the implications of producing an endless stream of items at low price? How are these items created and by whom? What is the burden on our ecosystem? 

Secondly - Consumers recognise that prices are often artificially inflated to permit price-slashing at the end of the season, aimed to clear the shelves and still make the sale. In discounting heavily, brands slowly but surely chip away at their own value even if they turn a profit quarter by quarter. Is that jacket really worth so much if you know it'll be half price in a months time? This erosion of value is the engine which is driving us down a challenging path at ever increasing speeds.



I will be donating 10% of the total value of any orders placed on Black Friday to an organisation called Fashion Revolution. Fashion Revolution are the leading light in the fashion industry whose aim is to build a fair and fruitful world for *all* those involved, from producers to consumers and designers to factory workers.

If you have been considering an order and would like to have a little of your hard earned money go to support their work, simply get in touch. Prices remain the same - this contribution comes from my side. These donations can be made in the client's name or anonymously.

Should anyone wish to donate to the organisation separately take a look here.

Wishing you all a very good week, Mark

P.S. A nod of the hat should go to Vitsœ for prompting these thoughts. You can read their take on Black Friday here.


Mark Tallowin