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The Winter Solstice

Pedro da Costa Felguerias Studio Interior

The Winter Solstice : The sun - having reached its nadir today - starts to rise a little earlier and retire a little later. From this point things begin to feel a bit lighter and a little brighter. This pivotal moment in the astrological calendar has been celebrated for millennia as the beginning of the return of light and colour to dark winters.

Aside from the celestial connection, the Solstices - as well as their counterparts the Equinoxes - are of special importance for the label. On each of these turning-points we release the latest instalment of the Edition Project, the series of limited edition works by individuals invited to contribute their unique talents.

I am delighted that the renowned historical paint-maker and lacquerer Pedro da Costa Felguerias is contributing to this project. For the last twenty years Pedro's world has been one of pestle and mortar, pigment and medium. It is fair to say he is one of the leading experts in this ancient practice and I am honoured he is involved. He has created sixteen unique works which, as of today, are available at 4 Windmill street.

As Pedro is currently working on a project in Lisbon we will be hosting a presentation on his return, offering people a chance to see the whole set of works in their combined configuration. I know there are many of you excited to see this work in person so I will be happy to offer private previews between now and then.

There is so much to talk about with this project, from the methods and materials used, to the discovery of "Walpole's serendipity" but I fear I'm not the man to truly do them justice. I'll stick to leatherwork and let the other specialists, be it in lacquer or in letters, take care of the story. Writer Chris Newens has agreed to craft a narrative around this project, featuring behind-the-scenes photographs of the series coming together in Pedro's studio, which will be published alongside the event. MT