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The Finest Handbags, Made by One Man


The Journal offers a closer look behind the scenes of the label.

A road trip across the States

On the 8th March I set out on a trip stateside, to visit friends and to present the new instalment of the TALLOWIN Edition Project. What began as a simple decision to return to NYC from Marfa, Tx (where the new Edition work - by Texas poet Caitlin Collins Murray - was presented) quickly turned into a mammoth roadtrip across the southern States with two dear friends. 3500 miles later we made it back to the Big Apple, charged up and inspired. I will be posting separate entries on some of the highlights of the journey over the next week or so, including a trip to the incredible DIA BEACON art foundation in upstate New York, a visit with Frank Turley, one of the finest blacksmiths working in the USA and our impromptu film-shoot in the pristine White Sands desert of New Mexico.