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Studio Visit : PERFUMER H


Today I had the opportunity to visit PERFUMER H, the brainchild of Lyn Harris, one of the very few classically trained - and most respected - 'noses' currently working in London.

Speaking with lyn it is immediately clear that PERFUMER H is a deeply personal project. Her life as a perfumer begun whilst studying in Grasse, a city considered the perfume capital of the world. For the last twenty years she has worked in some of the most long-standing houses in Europe, inhabiting the mysterious world of 'Accords' and 'Absolutes'. She recently took some time off to reflect on what it means to create scents which live in the wider world we inhabit. Her conclusion - made manifest in PERFUMER H - seems to me to be deeply human. There is a very warm and personal feel to the space. The bottles are individually made by Michael Ruh, a glass-blower who I have great respect for. The perfumes themselves are all composed by Lyn in the laboratory set at the back of the store. She mentioned in passing that her scents are perhaps not for everyone but the few friends of mine who I know wear her work are vocal fans. MT