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Fourplay Theatre Festival, Paris


Earlier this year I was invited to create a unique prop for the FourPlay theatre festival in Paris. The piece I came up with - half power-object and half hobble-stick - was one of four created specially for the festival and presented to the writers to craft their narratives around many months ago. The performances happened last week and I've just received these beautiful images, shot by Stephanie Carranza, of my work in action. The festival runs over the course of a weekend and presents four newly commissioned plays, hence its playfully provocative name. All four scripts included all four of the props, each framed in different terms and pressed to different purposes. Mine found itself becoming, in turn, a harpoon / an oar / a rifle / a Gallows. By all accounts the festival - only now in its second year - was a great sucess. I am honoured to have played a small role.

  • Last line of Defence - Joseph Taylor
  • The Curator - Emma Philips
  • Away From Them - Josh Richards
  • The Sower Works for Mastery by Turning the Wheel - Matt Rosen