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The Finest Handbags, Made by One Man


The Journal offers a closer look behind the scenes of the label.

Ilford 50

Recently, I've found myself thinking about how my work is documented. I'm so close to my handbags on a day-to-day basis that I sometimes forget that few people - besides my clients of course - know them up close. Offering a tangible sense of these items is a challenge when just presenting a few formal images. 

With that in mind, over the last few months I've been experimenting with a film camera as a way to bridge this gap. Perhaps the particular nature of film, in all its human sensitivity, will help. It pleases the Luddite in me at least. Analogue photography is a calm and deliberate business. These first attempts are exactly that - baby steps - but I hope these pictures will offer another view of my work. They were shot on  'Ilford Pan F 50' - a very slow film usually reserved for landscape or architectural photography - which might explain the sense of solidity and permanence these trials express.

Slow films, long exposures and patient waits.

A fitting match to my own way of doing things perhaps.


Mark Tallowin