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TALLOWIN and Emerge Poverty Free

Today, in many countries, we celebrate Mother's Day. I'd like to send my best wishes to all mothers, from the expectant mums to the veteran matriarchs, to those we miss and to those who keep us close.

There is little more joyful than bringing new life into the world but the few days around a birth can be a challenging for both mother and child. The majority of us can depend on a professional medical team for support but for many people in other parts of the world this is sadly not an option.

My sister works at an international development charity called Emerge Poverty Free. They run a 'Safe Birth' Project in Uganda which offers training to community midwives and provides the basic equipment that expectant couples need to have a safe birth. These 'safe mama' kits are very simple but prove astonishingly effective in preventing infection and minimising infant, and maternal, morality. The mortality statistics are shocking but the good news is that simple interventions can have huge impact. These efforts are saving lives already.

If you feel compelled to make a donation directly to the organisation I know they would be grateful and it would make a big impact.

Between 14th and 28th of May I will be donating - in the client's name - 10% of all sales to the project.


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Mark Tallowin