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Black Friday : a gentle push-back

Black Friday - some thoughts on the madness

Black Friday, the annual rush of reductions and sales is upon us once again. As my work is offered on a made-to-order basis, with new commissions arriving and completed items leaving the studio, I have no extra stock sitting on shelves. In place of offering the customary discount offered by many, I will be donating ten percent of any new orders to an organisation called Fashion Revolution, until midnight this Sunday. Prices remain the same as this contribution comes from my side.

Fashion Revolution is the leading light in the fashion industry whose aim is to build a fair and fruitful world for all those involved, from producers to consumers and designers to factory workers. To learn more about their projects, or even donate, head to their website.

If you have been considering a new commission and wish to support their work while doing so, feel free to get in touch or simply place an order. The donation can be sent in the client's name or anonymously.

Please write with any questions to enquiry@marktallowin.co.uk

Mark Tallowin