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Edition Project 9 : Maxwell Citron


I'm delighted to present this new series of paintings by Maxwell Citron as part of the Edition Project.

Each season I invite a different contributor to create a series of artworks as part of this ongoing project. The latest contribution is a series of four ink paintings by Maxwell Citron. Max is something of a polymath; an artist and a musician, a record-producer, a textile entreprener, a builder-of-worlds. I'm honoured to have him involved. We spent some time together recently, travelling to upstate New York to visit the incredible Pergamena, a tannery specialising in the traditional production of parchment. There, Max selected a single hide to use as the basis of this work. Back in NYC he punched regular perforations through the skin, preparing it for separation into quarters before painting each panel with his 'sumi dead face' motif. One of these four pieces joins the archive and one will remain with the artist. The remaining two are now available to purchase.

  • Ink on parchment
  • Edition of 4
  • 52.5cm x 40.5cm approx.
  • £400 Unframed. Framing can be arranged.

Please write to editions@marktallowin.co.uk for more information.

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Mark Tallowin