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The Cræftiga Exhibition

Tallowin hora sexta mask


I was invited to create a piece of work in support of Cræftiga, a prize set up to help uncover and encourage the younger generation of makers. This piece - called Hora Sexta - was exhibited at Bourdon House during London Craft Week.

The other craftspeople and designers involved were split into four groups, each asked to create something in response to a different time of day - morning, afternoon, evening and night. I was allocated 'Afternoon' and so created a mask to keep the sun from one's eyes, allowing an afternoon nap, what the Spanish might call a 'siesta'. The root of this word is 'Hora Sexta', the Latin for 'sixth hour', referring to the point six hours after morning mass, roughly early afternoon. 

This piece, along with the other objects in the exhibition, will be made available to purchase: the proceeds going towards the new Cræftiga prize fund.






Mark Tallowin