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The Story of Tools


I’m happy to be included in this new book, produced by Hole and Corner Magazine and published by Pavilion Books. It’s called the Story of Tools and features one of my oldest tools - a knife I forged from a slice of railway track in the desert of West Texas many years ago. The knife is one of my first tools and one which remains close to my heart. To me it represents the start of my journey with leather - the very first thing I made in the material was a sheath to protect this blade.

From Hole&Corner’s website:

Published by Pavilion, our book explores our relationship with the most fundamental of objects – those that allow us to realise our potential as makers, problem solvers and doers. Each chapter is devoted to a specific, unique tool, with their stories told by those who know them best – their owners, each recognised experts in their own fields, who wield their implements every day, or even make them to their own design and purpose.

Words by Mark Hooper. Photography by Lol Keegan and Chloe Winstanley

If you’d like to purchase a copy you can do so here.

Mark Tallowin