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The Pochette is a new design, inspired by a simple carry method used by travellers for centuries. This updated design is hand-stitched in Italian leather with hardware of gold-plated brass.

It is offered in an Open Edition; the initial run is seven bags, now available to purchase.

Mark Tallowin Handbag

An archetype redefined

The Baluchon is inspired by one of the simplest and most ancient methods travellers use to carry their personal effects; a square of material drawn up around the belongings, the opening bound closed and the resulting sack thrown over the shoulder. In English this is called a ‘bindle’, the French - ever elegant - go with ‘baluchon’, a name I’ve adopted for this new model.

The form of this new design is unique - it’s made of a single piece of leather, hand-stitched into a three dimensional form. The strap is comprised of four cords braided in leather and tied together to form a stopper knot at the end. A gold-plated ring slides up and down these cords - a simple method to close the bag.

mark tallowin designer handbag baluchon
mark tallowin handbag baluchon

This model can be worn in a large number of ways; slung over the back, worn on the shoulder (in both open and closed configurations), on the crook of the arm or simply swung in the hand.

tallowin baluchon handbag as worn over the shoulder
tallowin bespoke handbag

The Baluchon is made entirely of just four materials. The leather is an Italian ‘bubble’ hide prized for its grain and its balance of firmness and flexibility. The hardware is of solid brass, hand-polished and generously plated in 24k pure gold for a long-lasting warm glow. Lastly, the bag is hand-stitched using premium linen cord from northern France, coated in beeswax and pulled by hand.

tallowin handbag interior

Hand-stitched inside is a blind-embossed passport sized pocket and gold-plated ‘O’ ring for attaching keys or other important items. The interior of the bag is left unlined to show the mossy reverse of the hide itself.



The Pochette is offered in an Open Edition and is available for purchase on a first-come-first-served basis.

This initial run is seven bags.