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Special Projects


- Special Projects -

Bespoke commissions, one-off pieces, short-runs and work in limited-edition


The new design, based on an ancient carry method. Released as an open edition and made in an initial run of five.

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Bespoke : Florian Gadsby

A special pouch created to carry one of the potter’s most prized possessions, the set of porcelain stamps used to mark his work.

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Limited Edition : The 'New Pepys'

A new model designed in response to a historic artefact, a wallet made for British Statesman Samuel Pepys over three hundred years ago.

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Bespoke : The Tassle-Sash

Part practical and part playful, the Tassle-Sash is an exercise in scale, a dance between the silly and the serious.

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Bespoke : The Master's Badge

A special commission for the Master of the Worshipful Company of Chartered Architects, one of the City of London's livery companies.

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'Hora Sexta'

A one-off piece created especially for the Cræftiga Exhibition at Bourdon House. An unusual brief calls for an unusual reaction.

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Bespoke : The Duet Case

A bespoke case designed to carry a pair of Billecart-Salmon signature champagne bottles. The case was commissioned by the house for use by their UK representative.

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A unique object commissioned by a Parisian theatre company to play a part in their recent festival.

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A new model, the first to be presented in New York. Released as an open edition and made in an initial run of seven.

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