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Open Edition. Offered in an initial run of five.


The Baluchon is offered in an Open Edition. Each year a very small number will be made, just five for the initial release.

This model, like all the work coming from the studio, is hand-crafted in Italian leather with gold-plated solid brass hardware. It is completely hand-stitched ; the 952 stitch-holes of this pattern are cut one by one, allowing the 476 saddle-stitched to be formed by hand - a slow process.

It is unlined to reveal the leather's soft suede reverse. Internally this model features an embossed passport-sized pocket and a key ring. The bag is closed by sliding the ring down the braided cords towards the opening.

Handcrafted by M. Tallowin.
Personally guaranteed.

Handcrafted in its entirety: hand-stitched, clicked, cut, bevelled, burnished and dart-awled.

  • All metalwork is of 24 carat gold-plated solid brass.

  • Handstitched in French Fil au Chinois linen thread, #432 and #332 noir.

  • Single internal pocket is scaled for a passport and will also accommodate most mobile devices. The pocket is discretely ‘blind’ embossed with the logo.

  • Supplied in a dustbag of organic cotton, set in a presentation box.

  • Width at base - 20cm | Base to top of opening - 25cm | Base to end of strap tail when outstretched - 70cm | Strap length (measured from knot to ring when cinched closed) - 33cm | Armhole ‘drop’ (when cinched open) - 40cm

  • Weight : 550g Approx.

  • Complimentary worldwide shipping.

Should you need any assistance please feel free to call on +44 (0)20 33977235 or write to enquiry@marktallowin.co.uk. Alternatively, leave a message and we will respond to your question shortly.