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New Pepys

New Pepys


Limited edition of five

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Limited Edition of five

This piece was created in response to a historical artefact, a leather wallet made for Samuel Pepys in Constantinople in 1687. This contemporary design, crafted in London some 330 years later is offered in a limited edition of five.

It features two card sleeves, a small pocket behind and a larger pocket for notes of all major currencies. The leathers used are both Italian; a burnished bridle and a softer and more flexible boarded bubble.

The 513 stitch-holes were individually cut by hand before the stitchwork can begin. The New Pepys' is completely hand stitched - 204 saddle stitches, secured with 9 doubled whip stitches.

Handcrafted by M. Tallowin.
Personally guaranteed.


  • Hand stitched in French linen thread; Au Chinois #632 noir.

  • Scaled for UK, EU, US, JP and CN bills.

  • Blind debossed logo.

  • Folded : 10.4cm x 19.7cm x 8mm

  • Open : 18.2cm x 19.7cm x 4mm

  • Complimentary shipping.

  • £400

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