The Finest Handbags, Made by One Man

To Order

Made to order, made to last.


Work is offered on a made-to-order basis and is only available direct, this being the best way to ensure the finest quality of finish and continue the close relationship with clients which is at the heart of the label.

A unique number is assigned to each new handbag order. This is simply the next number in the sequence of that particular model; Flatiron #6 is followed by Flatiron #7.

When an order is taken on, a gold-plated brass disc is stamped with the sequence number and presented to the client as guarantee of the commission. A counterpart disc will also be attached to the bag upon completion. As each handbag is certified in this manner, there is a permanent record of which particular model was made for which client at which time.

A simplified version of the card is created for orders from the Carta Collection. Gift Certificates are also available by request.


Each item has a drawer set up for it in the studio. This will be its base while it is in production - a place to organise the paperwork and begin collecting the various components.

For each Core Collection order a page is also set up in the Client Portal - a private area of the website which clients can view their work-in-progress. It is updated as the bag is worked upon.

For a glimpse of some of the techniques which go into constructing a bag watch the short film.


When the item has been completed, the gold polished and the leather waxed, it is ready to be handed over. The presentation boxes are either couriered to the client directly or handed over in person.

This presentation represents the end of a long process in the studio but, for the client, it is the start of a long life with their new handbag.

All items are personally guaranteed.