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Carta : Wallets

Carta Collection - Card-holders and minimal wallets of Italian leather, hand-stitched in French linen.

- The Carta Collection -



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Constructed of the finest Italian bridle leather, this piece is crafted by M Tallowin. The Vale is a streamlined card-holder featuring sleeves both front and back, designed to accommodate ten cards with a little extra space for folded notes. The valley-like curves at the opening of this model, designed to allow swift access, lend the Vale its name.

This piece is created entirely by hand; from the initial pattern cutting, beveling and burnishing, through to the hand-stitchwork itself. The Vale's 210 stitch-holes are individually cut before the components are saddle-stitched together, again by hand. 70 saddle stitches are formed in linen thread and completed with 4 double whip stitches. When finished the Vale is pressed to its final shape, conditioned and set in the unique presentation case. 

Handcrafted by M. Tallowin.
Personally guaranteed.

  • Italian bridle leather of the highest quality, naturally vegetable tanned.

  • Hand stitched in French linen thread; Au Chinois #632 noir.

  • Blind debossed logo.

  • 10cm x 7.3cm x 5mm.

  • Complimentary shipping.

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